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Hanoi attractions

Hanoi attractions

Hanoi hotels

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is an eclectic mix of East and West and under modernization. One of the charming attractions in the city is that people will talk to tourists and ask questions about where they come from as they are genuinely interested. Take some time to talk with the locals.

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a key attraction along with the Ho Chi Minh Museum depicting the leader’s life. For military history the Air Force Museum and National Army Museum depict the might of the forces in Vietnam.


Watch or participate in Tai Chi in the Hoam Kiem Lake Park or the Ly Thai Lo Statue and Park, and visit the Temple of Literature and the Ngoc Son Temple. Memorials to the Vietnam War include the Memorial to the Downed Aircraft and the Hoa Loa (Hanoi Hilton) Prison.

Visit the Puppet Theatre for some culture and learn to cook Vietnamese food at one of the cookery classes in Hanoi. Visit the general market at Dong Xuan Market with a variety of goods on sale or Hang Da Market. Near Hanoi visit the pottery village of Bat Trang or the Perfume Temple, and perhaps Cao Bang with the beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall.

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