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A tourist visa valid for 30 days is required to visit Vietnam and should be obtained before you travel.

The currency is the dong (d) and the US Dollar is the preferred currency when exchanging money. Currency and travellers cheques can be exchanged at the major banks and most have ATM machines. Major credit cards are widely accepted.

Post Office
The main Post Office is conveniently located on Hoan Kiem Lake and is open from 6.30 am until early evening.

Dress code
Don't wear shorts or sleeveless tops to temple, pagodas or the Mausoleum, and remove footwear before entering temples if requested.

Tourists usually tip small amounts in addition to the restaurant bill. The majority of pagodas and temples are free to enter but a small donation is expected.

The city is relatively safe city but take care to avoid pickpockets (often operate on the trains) and conceal expensive cameras and jewellery.

The traffic in Hanoi is relentless – and traffic lights and pedestrian crossings are not a common sight. Follow the local's example and move slowly across the road which gives the cyclists and motorbike riders time to swerve around you!

Opening hours
All museums are closed on Mondays and some are also closed Fridays. The Mausoleum is closed for two months a year when it's reported that Ho Chi Minh has cosmetic maintenance in Russia .

Public Holidays
There are 8 public holidays (1 st January, 3 rd February, 30 th April, 1 st May, 19 th May, date in June, 2 nd September and 25 th December). Religious festivals with changeable dates based on the lunar calendar include Vietnam 's major 3-day Tet festival in January/February, Summer Solstice, Autumn festival and the birthdays of Buddha and Confucius.

Medical Emergencies
Vietnamese International Hospital offers a 24 hour emergency and dental service.

The current in Hanoi is 220V and with round two-pronged sockets.


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