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Taxis are available and cheap for longer distances. Fares vary between taxi companies.Rides on motorcycles (xe om) are a quick way for single passengers. Cyclos are an alternative for shorter distances.

Hanoi taxis

Use one of the many taxi companies that offer a metered service. They can be booked from hotels and restaurants or hailed in the street. An alternative is the ‘Honda om' or ‘xe om' motorbike taxi – often seen on street corners and you will need to negotiate a price beforehand. It's a great way to get through the traffic although not for the faint-hearted.

Hanoi buses
The public bus system has a number of bus lines across the city which operate services every 15 minutes or so. The buses are cheap to use but navigating the system can be confusing.

Hanoi Car hire
Car hire in Vietnam includes a driver as foreigners are generally not able to drive cars in the country. Car and driver, often an informative guide, can be hired by the hour or day.

Hanoi bicycle hire
Bicycles can be rented from travellers' agencies, cafes and hotels for around 1US Dollar a day

A trip in a cyclo or pedicab is a must for tourists visiting Hanoi . Wide enough for 2 people your driver will ‘pedal' you around the city. Negotiate a price in advance for an hour's trip or for a full day's sightseeing.



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Hanoi Car Hire

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