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Temple of Literature - Van Mieu
This ancient site was established in the 11th century as a seat of learning dedicated to Confucianism and later became the city's first University. The site comprises a series of low buildings, five courtyards and pathways with ponds shaded by trees. The Garden of the Stelae features over 80 inscribed stones set on the back of turtles surrounding a pool of water. Traditional music and dance performances added add to the tranquil atmosphere. Pho Van Mieu

87 Pho Ma May
The traditional houses in the Old Quarter are known as ‘tube' or ‘tunnel' houses. This restored example based on life in the 19 th century shows the narrow frontage, workshop, courtyard and living areas set back from the street.

Hoa Lo Prison
Only a small part of the prison built during French rule of Vietnam survives today where it is possible to see the small cells and guillotine in the courtyard. It was used to hold US prisoners of war during the Vietnam War and became known as the ‘Hanoi Hilton'. 1 Hoa Lo Street

Ambassadors' Pagoda
This is the main centre for Buddhist prayer in the city and is busy throughout the day with worshippers paying their respects and lighting incense sticks. 73 Quan Su

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