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A legacy of the past, there are quite a few official street markets spread over the city (and even more unofficial ones). There have been rumours over the past few years that moves are afoot to ban the unofficial sites because they only create congestion. Yet customers throng the markets in unruly droves – exacerbated by Vietnamese shoppers riding their motorbikes in and out of the narrow corridors between the hastily erected shops. This unique characteristic of Vietnam mandates a visit for any visitor casting about for a memorable experience of a once war-ravaged country.

Cho Hang Da
Very crowded, very Vietnamese, known for ceramics and pottery.

Cho Dong Xuan
The largest in Hanoi and noted for clothes and bric-â-brac. A recent innovation is a late night outdoor market selling traditional street food.

Cho Hom
Just outside the city centre, well known for fabric–particularly in certain local materials and weaves.

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